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"But Guys, Dragons!"

Driven by the head-canon of an Asexual (and possibly also Aromantic) Charlie Weasley, explaining to his snog-obsessed friends “But Guys, Dragons!” we have decided to merge representation and fandom into a new pendant.

This Ace Flag Dragon pendant is now available on our website for pre-order in 2 styles. The 30mm round style is $16, the standard dog tag style is $22.

A big thank you to Rin Venieris for doing the artwork on this new piece.

Asexual dragon fandom for the morning crowd.

Along with a bump for the evening crowd -

PLEASE share this. We hear so much that the Ace/Aro community is ignored or erased. By sharing this you are letting your friends and followers know that both you and we are making an effort to include them, not to ignore them, and not to co-opt the A for anyone else. Representation matters, and it can be fun. Because, dragons.

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I needed to hear a woman sing this for some writing inspiration (Jesus at this point in the play closely resembles the struggles of one of my female characters.) And this left me sobbing at my computer. Thought all my theatre minded followers might like this.


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NASA astronaut films lightning from ISS

Astronaut Reid Wiseman posted a Vine from the International Space Station today showing lightning over Houston.

Tornado warnings were issued in the Houston area earlier this afternoon but have since expired.

got me having goosebumps

he. he posted a vine. from space.

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These classical musicians play their instruments in a way you’ve never seen before.

A rather compelling visual experience, on top of being a flawless musical demonstration, performed by Salut Salon, a charming German quartet from Hamburg. 

Just WOW!!!



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[…]Winter Soldier is this crazy, dark, RoboCop-type figure who is somewhat human but mechanised, completely messed up. Slightly human but completely tortured and completely manipulated, but crucially mechanised. So I said you know what, I’m gonna do something completely crazy and dark for the Winter Soldier, and I’m just gonna go for it. I hadn’t worked with these directors before, and away from picture I just wrote a suite for the Winter Soldier that was about six or seven minutes long that I spent ages on and treated it like a record. The idea being that if I get this vibe right, if I nail this six or seven minute thing which I think is the essence of the character and it’s super radical and it’s not that traditional and not completely orchestral because I want to save some of that for Captain America, let’s just see what these guys say. I played it for them really loud, and after they were finished there was a bit of a silence, and then Joe [Russo] went “I love it! Awesome!”

 Henry Jackman on theme music he composed for the Winter Soldier character 

(Warning: the track is indeed weird and creepy and unsettling and so totally fucking awesome)

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hopefully this is the right size now and doesn’t look like a fuzzy piece of shit


hopefully this is the right size now and doesn’t look like a fuzzy piece of shit

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Q: How can you cut up Harry Potter, you monster, you piece of slime…

A: I wanted to make an illustration of something I loved, plus the world has no shortage of these books. 

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fancy earth kingdom katara and toph!  i had a lot of fun painting this.  based on the lovely costumes from the legend of zhen huan.  

katara separately 

toph separately

(like this piece?  consider commissioning me for something similar!)

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Mineral Monsters

Decided to toss them all into a photoset for convenience. It was a fun week!

Sources: Mineralists, Friends of Minerals Forum, Wikipedia Creative Commons, You Flaming Brute

this makes me think of Pacific Rim, as if the kaijus had come up from some fissure in the land instead of under the ocean. The Earth objects they had to model on would have been so different.

The geologist in me is freaking out. Actually, I’m dreading out entirely- these are awesome.

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Doctor saves child’s life by practicing heart surgery on 3D-printed model

Heart surgery is an extremely difficult procedure. Even more so when the tiny anatomy of a small child is involved. When 14-month old Roland Lian Cung Bawi’s heart was failing him, his surgeon Erle Austin knew that he had to prepare meticulously for an intricate operation. Initially he consulted other surgeons, but this yielded conflicting advice. So Austin turned to 3D printing for help.

Using the facilities at the University of Louisville’s engineering school, Austin and his medical team produced a three dimensional model of little Ronald’s heart. Pediatric operations are difficult because the interior structures of a child’s organs are small and hard to see clearly. This model allowed the surgical team to come up with a precise plan to limit the amount of exploratory incisions, reduce operating time and prevent the need for follow-up operations.

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I took a screenshot from Sword in the Stone and painted over it a little bit.  Really fun way to jump right in and practice lighting.  Hope I get some time to do more of these!

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as presented by the denizens of miseres chat

as usual i’m sorry for everything especially my terrible handwriting

full view here

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What if TOS had 900% more central female characters?

(Since I don’t want to stretch your dashboards any more than I have already, I’ve written some thoughts about the characters and the process that went into making the graphics under the cut.)

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