if magnetos parents had lived would he still be like ‘exterminate all humans’? would charles have to interrupt his rants with “what about ur mom tho?” to which he frowns and objects “SHE HAS THE MUTANT POWER OF BEING NUMBER ONE MOM U SHUT UR MOUTH”

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The government’s solution to Captain America is a giant hamster ball


The government’s solution to Captain America is a giant hamster ball

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Bickering, from the upcoming Sparks comic [x]

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This is from a show called Detective Conan, where a little boy routinely tranquilizes his detective caretaker. The boy then uses the unconscious body as a dummy to solve murder mysteries in his place. So the reason this grown man has a little baby hand is not because “quality” animation. It’s because that’s a literal baby hand.

Oh my god that’s even better

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that feeling when you listen to a song with good heaphones for the first time and suddenly you notice 7 new instruments, a child singing harmonies in the background, and you’re just sitting there wide eyed and in love with the song all over again

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I’ll just

keep doodling until the emotions go away

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i just

weird elves

elves who find babies fascinating because they like, never see them

elves whose fingers are just sort of uncomfortably long to anyone who isn’t an elf

elves with slightly too-pointy canines

elves who don’t understand why you’re getting so emotional because in a hundred years this won’t really matter

chessmaster elves who manipulate the short-lives in their control and are surprised at them being upset about it

elves with completely black eyes

elves who come off as drunk when they’re happy because they throw themselves one hundred percent into joy when they get a chance at it

elves who constantly forget about the concept of dying of exposure and don’t remember to tell you to bring a coat

elves who don’t blink for uncomfortably long periods of time




if your elves are just exceptionally good-looking well-adjusted white people you’re doing it wrong, make ‘em creepy goddammit

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"In the Annotated Pratchett, the entry for Night Watch outlines parallels with Les Miserables, and a point is brought up which states:

“Javert, the policeman in LM, is concerned only with justice, which he defines as the punishment of the guilty. Vimes, the policeman in NW, is equally obsessed by justice, but he defines it as the protection of the innocent.”, which I think is an interesting distinction and which seems to be relevant now."

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So copperbadge put together a fancast of Good Omens, to which I say, I see your Chris Evans Is Everyone and raise you Lucy Liu.

I call it… Liu’d Omens.

(Media: some photoshoot, Lucky Number Slevin, Ally McBeal, more photoshoot, Fashion Olympics photoshoot, yet more photoshoot gdi why don’t you wear cool sunglasses, Elementary, I think more Elementary, and Cashmere Mafia.  Not pictured: the pain I went through watching Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever and Cypher trying to find something flash bastardly.)

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finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters


watching an ongoing series where the plot’s become embarassing and boring but still being attached to the story and its characters


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"Monolinguals often assume that this kind of switching happens because speakers are not competent in one of their languages - a sort of deficit hypothesis - or because a concept just can’t be expressed in one of the languages - a sort of lexical gap explanation. Analysis of recorded multilingual speech doesn’t support these ideas, however. Speakers who code-switch the most often are usually those who are the most fluent in both of their languages, and there are linguistic rules about where in a sentence a switch can happen."


Van Herk, What Is Sociolinguistics, chapter 11. (via transliterations)

The Wikipedia article on code-switching has a nice classification of the types and linguistic rules involved: 

  • Intersentential switching occurs outside the sentence or the clause level (i.e. at sentence or clause boundaries). It is sometimes called "extrasentential" switching. In Assyrian-English switching one could say, “Ani wideili. What happened?” (“Those, I did them. What happened?”)
  • Intra-sentential switching occurs within a sentence or a clause. In Spanish-English switching one could say, “La onda is to fight y jambar." ("The in-thing is to fight and steal.”)
  • Tag-switching is the switching of either a tag phrase or a word, or both, from one language to another, (common in intra-sentential switches). In Spanish-English switching one could say, “Él es de México y así los criaron a ellos, you know.” (“He’s from Mexico, and they raise them like that, you know.”)
  • Intra-word switching occurs within a word itself, such as at a morpheme boundary. In Shona-English switching one could say, “But ma-day-s a-no a-ya ha-ndi-si ku-mu-on-a. (“But thesedays I don’t see him much.”) Here the English plural morpheme -s appears alongside the Shona prefix ma-, which also marks plurality.

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These maps of U.S. cities in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien will delight your inner nerd

While we may not be able to tread the elanor-strewn woods of Lothlórien or hike through the treacherous trails of the Misty Mountains, we can apply a bit of Middle-earth magic to our own humble abodes. To that end, cartographer and assistant geography professor Stentor Danielson has created incredible reimaginings of our cities in the fashion of Tolkien’s legendary maps.

Where you can buy themFollow @micdotcom

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people making up posts for notes like


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Day 3.

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WOCtober fest — DC legacy ladies

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